Tuesday, March 24, 2009

WTBG Roster Update

We have two new members serving on the Webb Tower Building Government this semester.

Vice Chair
Amanda DeMarco

Public Relations
Rahul Reddy

The Health and Wellness position has been removed from the building government roster.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Webb Tower Building Government 10 Mar. 2009


I. Call to Order- 9:00pm

II. Roll Call- Jamie

III. URSC Reports

a. Chair- Mike
b. Advocacy-Meredith
c. Funding- Eric
d. Programming- Sean


IV. Old Business
a. Trojan Wars
egg, Donut, hotdog, soda, m&m, gumball, apples
Hungry for victory? Come to our challenge!

V. New Business
Funding Requests
-Kelly Coble
-Helenes: raising money for non-profit
-Havana Nights at March 29th in Popovich courtyard downtown women’s shelter; want to raise over 2,000 for meals they cook
-asking for donation and courtyard fee
-$75 approved
-Freddie Sanchez:
-for graduate and professional student appreciation week
-chairs and fences BG funding for career fair of nonprofit
-asking for $50 from all BGs
-$50 approved
-this Thursday 5 pm at Webb Lounge to 8 pm food, drinks, chips, dip for Lakers Game
-ask for $70
-approved for $70
-Dodgers Ticket and Mamma Mia Ticket
-$50 for Dodgers and $100 Mamma Mia

VI. Announcements

VII. Adjournment

9:37 adjourned

BG Minutes Feb 10 2008

BG Meeting Feb 10 2009
New Business
USG Campaigns of Holden & Ashley and Owen & Maya
USG Senator: Wednesday (tomorrow) 7pm, THH 201
USG Presidential Debate

URSC Reports
BG Chair
Webb has a Relay for Life Team!
Walk bikes/skateboards at the crosswalks
(beware of tickets!!!)
Pirc Area event cancelled

Old Business
Need positions for Vice Chair, PR, Proxy, (or propose your own)
Elections 8:30pm Webb Tower Lounge Tues 17th.
Meeting to follow.

Budget Requests
Approved $100 for Relay for Life Support Event
Elections next Tuesday
Possible food?

RA Requests
Non-university housing info event. Request $80 for Pizza Hut and soda
Diversity event. Def-Jam poetry. Giving out food, gifts, prizes. Asking all West-area BGs for $75.
Both Approved

Few Business things
Who will make the election flyer? Thanks Lucy. :D
Elections 8:30
Monday at 10pm
Spring Devo
Next meeting: 1 program to spearhead this semester