Tuesday, April 14, 2009

BG Minutes April 14 2009

Funding Request


-requested from URSC but need BG contracts, and now no time to submit

-asking for $50

-we approved $50

-Mike Report

-BG Banquet

-allow space for 7 ppl to banquet

-there is BG and URSC banquet

-April 26th from 6-9

-Sean's Vball Net

-For last day of school

-use bricks

-Health and Wellness Program

-27th to the 1st

-M: nap time/ movie (7-9)

-T: flag football

-W: massage session (2 misuses for 2 hours)

-TH: Yoga (7 pm-8pm)

-F: Prize night/video games (7-9pm)

-points on # of events you attend and how many hours of sleep


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