Sunday, April 5, 2009

BG Meeting Minutes March 31st 2009

Discussion of broken washing machines.
We got most of them fixed this week.

Trojan Wars was this past Sunday. The event went really well.
There is going to be a BG Banquet in the undetermined future.

DPS. Discussion of a long-term USC Bike ban through the very center of campus.
Bringing certain types of food (like Kosher) to Cafe 84. It's at Trojan Grounds, working on 84.

Proposition for BG events for the end of the semester:
-Primal Scream (food during finals)
-A Lakers game
-Progressive Dinner
-Yoga Event
-Health & Wellness week

Most of the BG thinks warm milk is gross, but hot chocolate is delicious.

A Stress Relief Week
Provide a card residents fill out with their sleep goals. Prizes on the honors system.
Free massages?

One RA does not believe in naps. (!?)

Wellness Week Agenda
M: Movie/nap time
T: Flag Football
W: Massage
Th: Yoga
F: ???

Possibly a Videogame Event
Some TVs, projectors, consoles.
Greg will round up participants and resources.

Board Game Event!!!
Monday April 13th 7pm-10ish
Snacks? Popcorn, licorice. Silly candies.

Divo Discussion
There's a cool beach with fire pits. We can't commit to a day though. Friday the 10th of April.

We need booths for Spring Fling

Funding Request for Health & Wellness Event
Spanish music and culture fighting against cancer: asking $50
Relay for Life tent: $120 tent


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