Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Webb Tower Building Government 10 Mar. 2009


I. Call to Order- 9:00pm

II. Roll Call- Jamie

III. URSC Reports

a. Chair- Mike
b. Advocacy-Meredith
c. Funding- Eric
d. Programming- Sean


IV. Old Business
a. Trojan Wars
egg, Donut, hotdog, soda, m&m, gumball, apples
Hungry for victory? Come to our challenge!

V. New Business
Funding Requests
-Kelly Coble
-Helenes: raising money for non-profit
-Havana Nights at March 29th in Popovich courtyard downtown women’s shelter; want to raise over 2,000 for meals they cook
-asking for donation and courtyard fee
-$75 approved
-Freddie Sanchez:
-for graduate and professional student appreciation week
-chairs and fences BG funding for career fair of nonprofit
-asking for $50 from all BGs
-$50 approved
-this Thursday 5 pm at Webb Lounge to 8 pm food, drinks, chips, dip for Lakers Game
-ask for $70
-approved for $70
-Dodgers Ticket and Mamma Mia Ticket
-$50 for Dodgers and $100 Mamma Mia

VI. Announcements

VII. Adjournment

9:37 adjourned


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