Monday, January 19, 2009

BG Meeting Minutes January 18th 2009

Webb Tower Building Government
18 Jan. 2009
1. Call to Order- 7:15pm
1. Roll Call- Jamie
1. Absent: David, Eric, Joel, Courtney, Christara, Anna
1. URSC Reports
1. Chair- Mike
-inner BG with Fluor
-$50 budget, open ended.
-have scrapbook a week before April 29th
1. Advocacy-Meredith
-have Webb elevator fixed?
1. Funding- Eric
2. Programming- Sean
-1 big event with Parkside, Radisson, Fluor
-Love week
-questions about what you think of this person
-purpose to break stereotype and realize you can't just read a person
1. Old Business
1. Reimbursements
-address Seth
1. Trojan Wars
-big event this semester
-come up with an event activity
-BG members are in team; compete in 15 different events
1. New Business
a. Change of Meeting time
-good time for Meredith, Lucy, Sean, Mike is ok with current time
-choices: current time, 9 pm on Sunday, Tuesday
1. Funding Requests
1. Mike RA from New/North
1. 13th annual Ed Wood Film Festival
-$100 donation
-buy trophies, cookies, refreshments
-24 hour film festival
-theme and prop given out the day of
-on January 24th at noon, give out assignment
-edited copy due by noon on 25th
-Mark Harris, …, writer of A&E and Lifetime,… industry people are judges
-exhibition on February 1st at Norris
-screen 20 films, down to 15 down to 5
-will fund $60
1. Announcements
1. Adjournment
-at 8 pm


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