Sunday, October 12, 2008


Any Webb Resident is allowed to observe Building Government meetings and vote on where our budget goes.

We meet Sundays at 7:15pm.
Let your voice be heard!

BG Minutes Oct 12 2008

Webb Tower Building Government

        12 Oct. 2008


    -Different BG meeting time?

      -Sunday, Monday, Tuesday

      -Monday at 9?

      -Tuesday 8:30 or 9?

    1. Call to Order- 7:25PM
    1. Roll Call- Jamie

      Absent: Meredith, Eric, Christara, David

    1. URSC Reports
    1. Chair- Mike
    • Trojan Wars/Inter-BG events
    • Trojan wars: event where each BG creates a sporting event and each BG participates in all the events
    • Inter-floor dinner
    • Financial Literacy
    1. Advocacy-Meredith
    1. Funding- Eric
    2. Programming- Sean

      -no report

    1. Old Business
    1. Webb is Recognized!
    1. Constitution accepted :)
    1. Spirits of Troy- Lucy, Mike
    • WTBG Booth: Trick or Treat Bag Decorating
    • Also help Birnkrant with haunted house
    • Deadline for funding app. extended to this Wed.
    1. New Business


      -Progressive Dinner

        -plan for it next week

      -Sundaes on Sundays

    1. R.A. Reports

      -GI virus is subsiding

      -report to RA if someone is tearing flyers from the bulletin board

    1. R.A. Funding Requests

      -improv:$2 for 10 people; total of $20 from Webb


      -Greek food $150 from food for thought; $70 from URSC; $70 from Webb

        -Oct 22.


    1. Announcements
    1. Adjournment
-adjourned at 8:01 PM