Monday, January 28, 2008

1/27/08 BG Meeting Minutes

BG Meeting- January 27, 2008

  • Introductions

    • Leanna – one of two new Social Programmers for BG

  • URSC Recaps

    • Helen- Chairs

      • New recognition program

      • All chairs $100 in gift certificates in prizes for BG Member of the Month

      • Valentines’ Day Matching Program

        • Ben (Fundraising Rep for URSC) in charge of forms

        • Table in lobby to get people to sign up

  • Christopher- Funding

    • Happy- nothing to do

    • Sad- Webb is doing nothing

    • Emily- upcoming LOVE BOUTIQUE to get funded on Wednesday!!!

    • Email Christopher if thinking of submitting programs to fund

  • Shivani- Programming

    • Sweatshirt for URSC program board

  • BG DIVO!!

    • Saturday, Feb 9th

    • Skating 8- 10:30 + ROSCOE’S

  • Thursday Night Live

    • Ice rink

    • Water balloon fight!

  • BG Olympics

    • Come up with one fun challenge

      • Eating contest

      • Who can eat most disgusting creation of other team

      • Tug of war

      • Three legged race

      • Julia shuts down Elina’s sheet team building contest

      • Capture the Flag

      • Military obstacle course

      • Dunk tank

      • Inflatable contests

      • Egg race


  • Relay for Life

    • American Cancer Society 24 hour event

    • April 5th, 12 pm Sat- 12 pm Sun

    • Webb signed up- one person must be walking on track at all times

    • Advertise to entire building to sign up for Webb team

    • Need to sign up online- look for email from Helen/website

  • Program Ideas

    • Lilly- Getty Villa Trip, Mar 29th, 12:30 pm

    • 25-30 people

    • tickets free, parking $8

    • $56 for parking- BG funded?

  • Lauren- Bowling/Broomball

    • Pickwick in Burbank

    • Bowling games- $5-6, shoes $4 total: $10

    • 30 people

  • Julia- Beach Bonfire

    • April 18th, Friday

    • 4:30 pm

    • $50 for food stuff

    • 10-15 people

  • Lillian- go- carting

    • Speedzone in City of Industry

    • $15 for 3 games

    • 30 people

    • totally BG funded, or residents pay $7

    • weekday specials

    • Saturday, March 1st

    • Carson- Go Cart World

  • Sara- Arclight Movie Theater

    • $14 per person, parking $2-4

    • 15 people

    • Be Kind Rewind (Feb 22), Other Bolelyn Girl (Feb 29), Moulin Rouge (Feb 13)

    • Friday, Feb 22 7 pm

  • Christopher- Sweeney Todd/Meat Pies

    • 30 tickets to Sweeney Todd- March- April (after Spring Break)

    • 30 people

  • Susan

    • Hiking, day at the beach, Body Worlds

  • Brandon- broomball

    • 20 people

    • rent out ice rink with equipment (brooms, balls, nets)

    • $300 total in Nor Cal

    • Culver City Ice Rink??

  • Vishal- surf lessons?

  • Shivani- Feb 26th, 8-11 pm Salsa in the Snow, dinner afterward

  • Abby- Griffith Observatory

    • Friday, April 4th

  • Trevor- plan a trip to Wicked

    • Saturday, March 8th

  • List of birthdays

    • Monthly birthday parties

  • Lounge movie night (or Trevor’s room)

    • Tuesday, Feb 19th

  • Mardi Gras- Feb 8th, Upstairs Commons, 8 pm

  • Feb 22nd Snowball, Town and Gown

Monday, January 21, 2008

Webb Tower Building Government Informational Meeting

We will be having a building government informational meeting this Wednesday at 9:30 PM in the Webb lounge, immediately before this month’s Webb Wednesday. We would love to have some new members this semester and have some great positions to fill! We’ll be talking about what BG does and how you can get involved.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Progressive Dinner Photos! (more to come)

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Webb Intramural Sports

Webb Residents,

This spring there are several fun opportunities for USC residents to get involved with intramural sports! Here is the schedule for the upcoming months:


Basketball League
entry fee: $60.00
entry deadline: 1/22/08

Dodgeball Tournament
entry fee: $20.00
entry deadline: 01/29/08

entry fee: $20.00
entry deadline: 02/19/08

Softball Tournament
entry fee: $40.00
entry deadline: 02/26/08

entry fee: $5.00
entry deadline: 03/04/08

Soccer - Indoor League
entry fee: $60.00
entry deadline: 03/11/08

Baseball Tournament
entry fee: $40.00
entry deadline: 03/25/08

Western Regional Basketball
entry deadline: 03/01/08

Singles Racquetball Tournament
entry fee: $5.00
entry deadline: 04/01/08

Floor Hockey Tournament
entry fee: $30.00
entry deadline: 04/01/08

5K Spring Fun Run
entry fee: $5.00
entry deadline: 04/08/08

4x4 Flag Football Tournament
entry fee: $35.00
entry deadline: 04/15/08

This information can also be found online at:

If you are interested in participating in any of these events, please email me (jpayson [at] or talk to your friends in Webb to try and get a residential team together! Last semester our flag football team was amazing, so it would be great to continue our success this spring

You can always register as a free agent if Webb is unable to get a team together for any sport. For more information about becoming a free agent (in which case you will be placed on any team needing members), check out this website:

Thanks guys, and have a great semester!

Julia Payson
Webb Tower HICCup Rep
jpayson [at]