Friday, December 26, 2008

BG Minutes Nov 23 2008

Flour-Webb dance party?
Trojan Wars next semester

Save Tommy Night
Dunk Tank Booth approved
Teaming up with Troy Hall to complete $500 cost.
Ted should volunteer.
$180 extra. Prizes? Beat UCLA pins would work.

Quick announcement from visitor Sarah:
Residential Town Hall Dec 1st 7pm
tell friends

Discussion of attendance policy
Many people miss our BG meetings. Many BGs around campus same way.
We need to get stuff done, big problem.

Meeting on thanksgiving weekend?
Needs to happen. Save Tommy Night is approaching fast.
Sunday won't work. Let's move to Monday at 9pm Dec 1

Where is our funding guy? We need to figure out our progressive dinner!

Let's finalize as much as we could.

Discussing RAs.
Webb Wednesdays.
We shouldn't fund any new ones. URSC should be doing that.

Next semester:
Think of events finalize them, use them.

Progressive Dinner:
6 floors participating for 6 food groups.
We need to collect volunteer rooms. RAs will work mostly.
Studio rooms aren't ideal.
Talk to the RAs when the meet this week. (Wednesday?)
Funding requests. Gotta work quickly.

Primal Scream
Possibly In & Out
Sunday is favorable for traffic. Good to go buy fast food
Possible places:
Del Taco
Taco Bell
Panda Express
Viz Tango
Diddy Reese
Ice Cream
Fish and Chips (?)
Consider meat/vegie offers
The earlier the better, people leave after their finals wrap up.
Funding maybe $100 per night.
Tues: Pizza "Topping Tuesdays"
Wed: In & Out. Burgers, no fries or drinks. "When in doubt. In & Out"
Thurs: Diddy Reese (don't let students steal 4 cookies)
Sunday: Subway
Monday: Bagel + Coffee "Morning Monday"
Tues: Taco Bell

Budget Breakdown: $600 total
Tu: $80
W: $150
Tu: $50

Need volunteers to help buy food

Health-Wellness event:
Tues 3-5pm
Living Beyond Organic
food-tasting and book signing
push back to next Tues after Thanksgiving


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