Friday, December 26, 2008

BG Minutes Dec 1 2008

Save Tommy night
Progressive dinner
Tuesday 9th 10 pm primal scream

t, w,th, s,m,t

-URSC report
-no report
-no report
-well find out funding for progressive dinner on Wed.
-Save Tommy night
-8-12 at night this Friday
-$500 budget
-someone wear UCLA gear and bear mask, dunk tank
-gets tank for participating
-tank is $280
-costume about $30
-so $$ for UCLA pins--> $180
-rest for decoration
-tank is set, need to buy pin
-need poster and decoration
-need volunteers for dunk tank
-Seth, David, Larry, Mike in the dunk tank
-workers: Mike, Jamie

-Progressive Dinner on Sunday the 7th at 7 pm
-6 food group
-dairy, protein, fruit, starch, sweet, ?
-lounge 1, lounge 2, 201, Greg and Mike's room, Lucy/David, Eric
-funding request for $300, and supply our own $300
-need PR!!!
-milk, ice cream, cheese, crackers, cheese plate
-eggs, lunch meat, hot dogs, pigs in a blanket, sandwiches
-mashed potatoes, pasta, french fries
-bread, garlic bread
-easy Mac, cereal and milk
-bagels and cream cheese
-fruit platter
-fruit juice
-steamed vegetables
-celery with peanut butter
-vege with dips
-spinach and artichoke dip
-brownie, cookie, cake, cupcakes

-$60 per food group
-Lucy, Greg, Sean, Mike, can help day of
Primal Scream @ 10 pm
-$600 budget
-for 6 days
-Pizza on 9th,
-10th in n out
-11th Diddy Riese
-bagels, coffee, cream cheese
-taco bell

-find out prices
-75 ppl worth


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