Friday, November 21, 2008

BG Minutes Oct 19 2008

Webb Tower Building Government
19 Oct. 2008

I. Call to Order- 7:15pm

II. Roll Call- Jamie
-Courtney, Joel

III. URSC Reports
a. Chair- Mike
• Inter BG event update
-event with Fluor
-dodge ball, mixer, football game, tailgate, social, FOOD
b. Advocacy-Meredith
-idea: people of opposite sex can room together
-start off as a floor (trial) then move on
-Oregon might have a floor similar to that
c. Funding- Eric
-no report
d. Programming- Sean
-no report
-NOTE: Mike likes Sean's tomato shirt
IV. Old Business
a. Funding for first DEVO
-reimbursed with BG DEVO funds
b. Spirits of Troy- Lucy, Mike
• Birnkrant update
-all 8 floors of Birnkrant with different themes for Haunted House
• Availability for booth/haunted house- Info session
-2 hour shifts
-Greg, Lucy, Mike (can do both shifts)
-5-6 (Eric, Courtney, Anna)
-6-7 (Greg, mike, Lucy)
• Getting supplies for booth (trick or treat bag decorating)
-Christara and Jamie
-budget of $100
• Tomorrow night (20th, meeting at 9 in lounge)
c. Change of meeting time vote results
-Monday and Tuesday at 9?
-Decision: Sunday at 7:15
d. If you can't come to BG, call Mike

e. Webb Tower event: Sundaes on Sunday/ Progressive Dinner
-start planning both
-out of BG funding
-have FLIERS
-9:30 or 10 or after BG meeting
V. New Business
a. WTBG Scrap Book
-scrap book has record of all our events during the year
-descriptions of events, fliers from events
-huge factor in BG of the year
-century won BG of the year
-please save and submit fliers
b. Other Business
-health and wellness
-food tasting events
-super-enzyme foods
-tie into joint event with Fluor or progressive dinner
-more ideas and suggestions next week
-next week Sundaes on Sunday

VI. R.A. Reports-

VII. R.A. Funding Requests-

VIII. Webb 3X3 Basketball Shirt Request-

IX. Announcements

X. Adjournment

RA funding requests
1) -Oct 30 9-10
-$20 money from Century, asking for small funding (same amount from all BGs)
-Halloween celebration ; voted yes
2) Oct 29
-Lakers vs Clippers viewing game down in Webb lobby
-$40 for pizza ; voted yes
3) 3 on 3 intramural basketball shirt funding request from David
-$27 for shirts; voted yes
3) Spirits of Troy meeting for Webb on Monday
-$25 for food on Monday; voted yes
New Announcements
1) Mike will keep us updated (phone number, Sundaes on Sunday)


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