Friday, November 21, 2008

BG Minutes Nov 9 2008

Webb Tower Building Government
9 Nov. 2008

I. Call to Order- 7:15pm

I. Roll Call- Jamie
-Missing Mike, Joel, Christara, Anna, David

II. URSC Reports

a. Chair- Mike
b. Advocacy-Meredith
-bike=motor vehicle
-DPS can give you a ticket
-abide by vehicle laws
-don't talk on the phone
-applies to skateboards
c. Funding- Eric
-give funding requests to Eric
d. Programming- Sean
-no food bins!
-for Battle of the Cans
I. New Business
-Battle of the Cans is next Tuesday
II. Funding Requests
-5pm Thursday
-Registered Dietician Night
-requesting $20
-cookies and cupcake at 10 pm
-requesting $10
III. Announcements
-Progressive Dinner
IV. Adjournment
-7:35 meeting adjourned

-December 5 Save Tommy Night
V. Rachel
-residential senator
-RA is park side
-come at least 1 meeting a month
-USG questions, complaints


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