Friday, November 21, 2008

BG Minutes Nov 2 2008

Webb Tower Building Government
2 Nov. 2008

I. Call to Order- 7:15pm

I. Roll Call- Jamie
-Missing Courtney, Meredith, David, Anna, Lucy
-received notification from Lucy, Courtney, Anna

II. URSC Reports

a. Chair- Mike
• Save Tommy Night Booth
-government make booths for this event
-need both idea and form submitted by November 19
b. Advocacy-Meredith
c. Funding- Eric
-residents who want to request funding from URSC, talk to RA or Eric
d. Programming- Sean
-Save Tommy Night
-booth, request up to $250, request by 21st
-November 19, submit application for booth

I. Old Business
a. Spirits of Troy- Lucy, Mike
-went well
-over 700 kids came :)
-most successful year they had so far
-Birnkrant haunted house was a success too
b. Webb Tower event: Sundaes on Sunday!
-ran out of ice cream
-go to Smart and Final or Superior

c. Fluor/Webb Dance
-November 19
-in the Fluor Tower lobby on Wednesday

I. New Business
-Battle of the Cans is next Tuesday
II. Funding Requests
-Webb Wednesday Nov. 12 at 10pm
-ice cream and gift certificate and iPod shuffle
-Request for $100
-Approved but
-offer ticket to everyone, those with t-shirts get extra tickets
-get URSC funding for future Webb Wednesdays

III. Announcements
-Monday Heroes showing
-alternative Thanksgiving
-Progressive Dinner
IV. Adjournment
-7:50 meeting adjourned


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