Friday, November 21, 2008

BG Minutes Nov 16 2008

Webb Tower Building Government
16 Nov. 2008

I. Call to Order- 7:21pm

I. Roll Call- Jamie
-Missing Mike, Lucy, Christara, Anna
II. Liz Peterson
-URSC rep, Triathlon Team
-first year want to host triathlon
-San Pedro at end of February
-need lots of money for event and also need volunteers
-time commitment for volunteer
-Day of (5am to 2 pm on Saturday Feb. 28)
-rest stop, set up
-can only apply to URSC for funding if different BG endorses
-funding and sponsorship Approved!!
III. URSC Reports
a. Chair- Mike
b. Advocacy-Meredith
c. Funding- Eric
d. Programming- Sean
-December 5, Save Tommy Night
-save Tommy night booth ideas!!
-sumo suits, bubble balls, dunk tank, cotton candy, money booth
-dunk tank (Seth, Larry can dress up with UCLA shirt and bear mask)
-bear stress ball with writing ($.60/bear)
-cotton candy with BEAT UCLA pins
I. New Business

II. Funding Requests
-Thai Food Thursday 6 pm
-$75 from food for thought, $75 from URSC, asking for $75 from Allison Engel (faculty mentor)
-Player's Ball
-casino night
-funded $4,000 from URSC, $4,000 from USG
-requesting $250 from each BG
-$5 donation entry for Troy Camp
-Wed, December 3 in DCC
-Monday, December 8th 8-930 pm
-in n out truck for west area + troy
-submitting URSC proposal
-truck is in open parking lot between century and cardinal
-250 burger, drinks, chips
-use a way to pick the 50 (mandatory event like Player's Ball)
-$1,800 ($360/BG)
-Not Approved
-Progressive Dinner (Dec 7 7pm)
-we make it!
-Food Group
-Sugar, fat
-cookies, brownie, cakes, ice cream
-milk, cheese, crackers, grilled cheese, nachos with cheese
-sandwiches, chicken finger, fish, hot dog, eggs
-salad, mash potato, veges and dip, corn on cob, peanut butter and celery,
-pie, fruit salad
-pasta, bread and butter, PB and J sandwiches, toast, garlic bread, fried rice
-BG will reimburse

III. Announcements
-8:47pm meeting adjourned


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