Saturday, September 6, 2008

Building Government 2008 Staff

We have 12 staff this year (and a couple supervisors).

Michael Coverly

BG Chair

Courtney Wright
Vice Chair

Joel Russak
USC '09
M.S. Mathematical Finance
B.S. Economics/Mathematics
Business Law Minor

Sean Roberts
URSC Programming Rep.

Meredith Gieszelmann
URSC Rep. for Advocacy
Hey, everyone! If you have any ideas to improve Webb or campus in general, send me an e-mail. My job is to make a better campus for all of you and I know this year is going to be great.

Eric Huang
URSC Rep of Funding.
Hello! My job is to approve the funding requests for all the great programs everyone in Webb come up with! I am really excited to have a blast this year! Go Webb Tower!

Jamie KwakHi Everyone! I am so excited to be part of Webb Tower's BG and I look forward to an amazing year together :]

David McFarland
Housing Intramural Cup representative,

Lucy Bian
Community Service Coordinator
If anybody has any ideas for outreach programs, let me know or just stop by 1206 to just say hi!

Greg Lieberman
Webb Tower Webmaster
If you want any content or events added to the site, send me an email. I'm also good for Flash programming and Mac help.

Christara Avaness
Health and Wellness Coordinator

Anna Chow
Public Relations
Sophomore; Psychology and Pre-OT

Awesome, and now a word from our sponsor:

Elina Khodorkovsky
RA Advisor to the Building Government


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