Monday, September 15, 2008

BG Meeting Minutes 9/14/08

September 14, 2008
BG Meeting #2
Call to Order 7:19
-Roll Call
-sign in please :)
-URSC reports
-info session for webb bg recognition; need representative for tomorrow night at 4 pm--> Greg!!
-URSC and USG help students register to vote
-will be guest speaker from Obama campaign
-last week, was speaker from McCain campaign
-Tuesday 6pm in Doheny room 240
-skateboards and scooters--> recommended not to use cell phone
-recommendations for our buildings?
-vending machines take discretionary
-what would we like to see on south side
-any ideas?
-Floor RA talk to funding rep for funding requests
-how should RA request time during BG meeting (i.e. funding request)?
-email chair in advance!
-two big events
-Battle of the Cans (canned food drives) Friday Nov. 14
-fundraising event to raise money for the poor
-donate cans
-BGs have a competition--> winner gets personal dance party
-battle of the bands--> winner gets to play at save Tommy night
-only for USC bands
-each can = one vote for band
-Save Tommy Night
-day before UCLA game (Friday December 5), lots of booth with food, bounce toys
-BGs have a booth--> do whatever we want
-any ideas for booth? Tell Sean.
-update to include new positions or update existing positions
-pay for sports individually
-sign ups on Tuesday; so will figure out how many teams we have
-2 x2 volleyball
-over the line softball
-golf= $60/person
-too much per person….
-Conclusion: we will not fund golf
-Devo ideas (we receive funds from URSC)
-ice skating, beach, lunch, bonfire (free wood from Home Depot)
-email treasurer
-dinner at Buca di Beppo or C&O
-email GREG your information for the website
-let other residents know a bout our website
-can only post on elevator doors
-NEED to be posted on walls with blue tape
-trying to post looking outside on lounge doors
-trying to get a bulletin board
-can put things on the elevator shaft

-Connect Facebook group to blog of website

-Funding request
-2 programs from Elina (for all Webb residents)
-resume workshop
-faculty staff mentor will help us prepare for career fair
-8 pm next week on 22nd
-wants $50 for snacks
-webb meet and greet
-pizza and snacks
-requested $67 from URSC
-request $60 for pizza, drinks, cookies, cups
-Meeting adjourned at 7:55


At September 18, 2008 1:38 AM , Blogger Christopher Nicholson said...

Nice job with the site, glad it's working out.


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