Friday, November 30, 2007

Webb Tower Progressive Dinner

The Webb Tower Progressive Dinner is this weekend! There will be food of all different kinds, beginning at 7PM on Sunday (Dec 2nd) in the following locations (served by your friendly Webb Tower BG Members):

Room 706 - Festivus (Holiday Food)- JJ, Lillian, Susan, and Trevor

Room 603 - Mexican - make your own taco - Julia and Sara

Room 907 - Italian - lasagna, garlic bread, Caesar Salad - Brandon and Vishal

Room 407 - Thai - Takeout - Lilly

Room 302 - Indian - Takeout - Shivani and Christopher

Room 1106 - Breakfast - Helen and Lauren

Webb Lounge - Dessert – Hector

Signs will be posted to remind people where to go.

Seeing the Conquest Fireworks from Webb

Some photos of the fireworks from Conquest last night.
Fight On!

11/18/07 BG Meeting Minutes

11/18/07 BG Meeting Minutes

  • BG Chairs- Recycling updates

  • Advo- more bike racks

  • Funding- few reimbursement requests so $12,000 in discretionary funds

  • Proxies for Wednesday, Nov 28th for URSC because of Quizbowl

    • Susan for Helen- BG Chairs meeting

    • Sara for Christopher- Funding meeting

  • Save Tommy Night- 8 pm- 12 am Friday Nov. 30th

    • Probably be doing apple cider

      • Method for keeping apple cider hot?

        • Hot plate or insulated beverage container

      • Supposed to prepare for 800 people

    • 3 hour and a half shifts

  • Progressive Dinner- 7 pm Sunday Dec. 2nd

    • Mandatory

    • Run by BG members in their rooms- NOT RA’s

    • Festivus- JJ, Lillian, Susan, and Trevor, Room 706

    • Mexican- Julia and Sara, Room 603, make your own taco

    • Italian- Brandon and Vishal Room 907, frozen lasagna, garlic bread, Caesar Salad

    • Thai- Lilly, Room 407, take out

    • Indian- Shivani and Christopher, Room 302

    • Breakfast- Helen and Lauren, Room 1106

    • Dessert – Hector, Webb Lounge

    • Spend $50-60 on food

    • Helen in charge of utensils and plates- let her know what you’re going to need

  • Don’t mix personal items with group ones- won’t get money back if do

  • Dec 7th- Facilities Recognition Day- West Area

    • Julia, Lauren, and Abby making sign

    • 7:30 am- in Webb Lounge, Breakfast Buffet

    • Have it ready for Progressive Dinner so that residents can sign it

  • BG Adopt a Family- to JJ, by/on Dec 12th

    • Need people to sign up for side dishes

    • JJ- Turkey

    • RAs- other meat

    • Joel- beef

    • BG members- desserts and sides

      • Mashed potatoes and gravy- Julia

      • Mac and cheese- Lauren

      • Cranberry sauce- Christopher

      • Green beans- Abby

      • Rolls- Lilly

      • Stuffing- Helen

      • Pie –Brandon (apple), Sara (pumpkin)

      • Yams- Susan

      • Martinelli’s Apple Cider- Vishal

      • Corn- Trevor

      • Candy- Shivani

  • Primal Scream

    • During finals- 10 pm every night to let off steam

    • URSC will give us money

    • Every night of finals

    • Tuesday Dec 11- Tues Dec 18

      • Tuesday, 12/11- Helen (Subway)

      • Wednesday, 12/12- Abby (Donuts and Chocolate Milk)

      • Thursday 12/13- Brandon (Chiptote)

      • Sunday, 12/16- Trevor (pizza)

      • Monday, 12/17- Marcelo, Racquel (Didi Reese)

      • Tuesday, 12/18- Christopher (Coffee and Bagels)


  • DEVO at beginning of next semester

    • Hotel lock-in?

  • Elina Funding Request- 7-8:30 pm Monday, Nov 26th

    • Career Panel with Faculty Advisors (Elina, Marcelo, Pete, and Chris)

      • Admissions, Journalism, and Sociology

    • $65 for snacks- APPROVED!

  • Home Alone- Tuesday 11/20 at 10 pm

    • Trevor’s Room- 604

    • Pizza and mystery food

  • BG Member of the Month- Trevor!

    • Vote more!!

    • Lauren will start submitting Of The Months

  • March 27th for Thursday Night Live- Video Game night on McCarthy Quad

  • Go Carting in early January

    • Submit URSC Funding now

  • Laser Tag again, Broomball, Ice Skating for next semester?

  • Need to get tickets to shows cleared by VP of Student Affairs- Michael Jackson

    • So when planning events get dates early

  • Sweeney Todd screening early December

    • Eat pie then go see it

    • $20 for Funding Request- approved!



Friday, November 23, 2007

Webb goes Wicked!

Some photos from dinner during Webb's trip to go see Wicked! Details to come soon...

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Webb Tower goes to Ultrazone and In-N-Out

Here are some pics from our trip last month to Ultrazone. We had a great time, around 27 people in attendance. Helen did an amazing job organizing the trip, and we'll have more off campus trips near the end of the semester, as well as many next spring!

Hope you all had fun at Player's Ball last night!

Friday, November 16, 2007

11/11/07 BG Meeting Minutes

Webb BG Minutes- Nov 11

  • Player’s Ball Meeting tonight at 10pm

    • If on Advertising, stay after to work Sundaes on Sunday

  • Upstairs Commons 6:45 pm on Friday for Player’s Ball

  • Battle of the Cans= this THURSDAY!!

    • Floor senators, dorm storm before Thursday to get donations

      • Hector- Floors 1,2, 3,4

      • Sara- 5,6

      • Lauren- 11, 15

      • Susan- ??

      • Julia- 7-10

    • Bring cans to Helen’s room- 1106

    • Help Helen bring the cans over on Thursday night- 6ish pm

  • Troy Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday Nov. 22

  • Save Tommy Night- Friday, Nov 30

    • Booth from 6 pm- 1 am to serve 500 people

    • Given $250 for booth- have to fund rest

    • Ideas?- count the candy, hot chocolate/cider, fortune teller, etc.

      • 1) hot beverages 2) guess the number of candies 3) smores

      • ResEd and URSC might have things to keep drinks hot

  • BG Holiday Party/DIVO

    • Dance party

    • Saturday, Dec 8

  • Progressive Dinner- Dec 2

    • Holiday Party for building?

    • Combine with progressive dinner- holiday themed rooms

  • Dec 7- Facilities Management Recognition Day

    • Make a banner- Julia, Lauren, Abby

    • Have it done by Dec 2

  • BG Adopt a Family

    • Provide a dish/meal for a family in need for holidays

    • Need it by Dec 13 or 14

    • Assign dishes next meeting

      • Meat options (turkey, ham, beef), mashed potatoes, veggies, lemon option/chocolate vanilla option for dessert, apple cider, bags of candy for kids

  • Players Ball- everyone INCLUDING advertising at 6:45 pm on Friday

Monday, November 5, 2007

11/04/07 BG Meeting Minutes

BG Meeting Minutes- 11/4/07

  • Player’s Ball!

    • T-shirts and goodies courtesy of JJ

    • If advertising, wear your t-shirt!

    • Put poster on your doors

    • Pass out quarter sheets and spread the word

    • BG can win prizes!

    • Scratch off?? – instant win scratch off cards distributed to attendees on arrival whether they pay or not

    • Next Player’s Ball meeting- Sunday, Nov 11 at 10 pm

  • URSC recaps

    • Chris- record low of 11 applications

    • Player’s Ball got funded last week

    • Got $5,000 more

  • Sweeney Todd screening Dec 7-ish

  • Brandon- Follow up on recycling

  • Shivani- new Battle of the Cans

    • Free In N’ Out for first 100 people

    • Save Tommy Night

  • Stephanie Troy Hall RA

    • Nov 15th- Diversity Dance and Art Show at Café 84

      • Venue to display artwork, whatever it may be

      • Judges and prizes!!

    • Funding request

      • Last year $1350 but this year more

      • Money for easel to display art

      • Webb BG gave $50 last year

        • Fund it- $25

  • Mocktail Mixer- this Wednesday!

    • Starts at 9:30 pm – meet in lounge at 8:45 pm

    • Floor senators distribute quarter page flyers

    • Dorm storming at 8:30 pm Wednesday (floor senators only)

    • Put a flyer up on your floor bulletin board

    • BE THERE (so Helen doesn’t pull a muscle)

    • Itunes gift card (1 $5 gift card, 1 $10 and 1 $15 one)

      • $15 more for raffles

    • Trevor mixing the tunes for Mocktail Mixer

  • Academics Quizbowl showdown (Brandon, Christopher, Helen, Lilly, and Julia)

    • After Sundays on Sundae/Player’s Ball – Sunday Nov. 11 in Rm 1106

    • Quizbowl- Nov 28th

  • Thursday Night Live- Feb 7

    • Last week of Nov- make decision for event to apply for funding this semester

    • Ex. Trojan Idol

  • Progressive Dinner- Sunday, Dec 2nd

    • BG Funding Request- $200 (but probably won’t spend it)

    • $2 a person from URSC (for 200 people) so $400

    • We are SO cool and we should take advantage of it! – Christopher

  • Trevor and Helen pawning ski trip off to second party on Tuesday

  • Funding Request for Wicked: $32.50

  • Go Cart program???

  • Web stuff- in the works

    • Pictures from Ultrazone and other events to Christopher for website

  • Tuesday, 8:30 pm Brazilian Dinner

  • Sara being coerced by Trevor to be co-Social Chair