Thursday, August 16, 2007

URSC Funding Guidelines

URSC Funding Guidelines


Last year URSC reviewed 430 applications and allocated out over $90,000. Every year the number of applications we receive increase and therefore it is important to follow all the guidelines so we may be as efficient as possible.

1. No applications will be accepted before September 11, 2007 @ 12am. (The 2 Wednesdays and 1 Sunday rule still applies meaning no applications will be accepted for programs occurring on or before September 23 rd.)

2. The funding application must be completed in full or the proposal will not be considered.

3. Applications will be reviewed on a first come first serve basis. A submitted application does not guarantee that your application will be reviewed à due to the number of applications received every year it is possible that the board will be unable to review the application before the program takes place.

4. Applications are due Sunday nights by midnight. There must be at least two Wednesdays between the date of your program and the Sunday you submit your application. Thus if your program takes place on a Thursday, your application is due one week and four days before your program. If your program takes place on a Wednesday, your application is due two weeks and three days beforehand.

5. Traditional Applications are due at least 4 weeks before the date of the program. (this is for events such as Mardi Gras, Snowball, etc.) If you wish to apply to become a traditional program, please contact the VP of Funding.

6. If you would like to make a presentation, you must notify the VP of Funding by e-mail at the time you submit your application. Presentations are optional, but recommended for larger scale programs.

7. Reimbursement packets are due 2 weeks (14 days) after the date of the program. If after the two weeks the reimbursement packet has not been submitted and no mitigating circumstances have been brought to the attention of the VP of Funding then funding WILL BE REVOKED!

8. Please notify the VP of Funding if a program has been canceled so we may reallocate the funds to other programs. Last year over 50% of the programs did not use the full amount given to them. This unused money can be given to others so please notify us ASAP!!

9. If the date of the program changes please contact the VP of Funding so something can be worked out and funding will not be revoked.

10. All programs must place the URSC logo on all forms of advertisements including flyers, posters, t-shirts etc. If the logo is not used funding will be revoked. Programs approved for funding less than 24 hours ahead of time are not required to use the logo.

11. Programs are subject to random audits by funding board members. If the program does not match its stated content, funding may be revoked. Discrepancies include, but are not limited to, large differences in estimated attendance, lack of stated cultural and/or educational material, absence of stated faculty, etc.

12. Retroactive Proposals are not accepted.

13. All reusable items, which Funding Board allocates money for, will be returned to URSC after usage in the program and will be considered property of URSC. These items will be determined at the discretion of the VP of Funding and discussed with the applicant. Programs will not be reimbursed until all decided items are returned.

14. All proposals must include an itemized budget for the entire program even if the applicant is not asking for the full amount. You must also include other funding resources you are applying to and give projected and confirmed amounts of funding.

15. The audience consists of students living in university owned housing

16. A housing area will be placed on funding probation if they are not in compliance with the URSC attendance policy.

17. If the group requesting funding is not affiliated with URSC or USC Housing they are eligible to apply, but must first consult the VP of Funding before submitting an application.

18. If you have any questions please contact your building’s funding representative or the VP of funding at


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