Monday, October 29, 2007

10/21/07 BG Meeting Minutes

BG Meeting Minutes 10/21

  • BG Chairs Meeting

    • Ski trip

    • Interests lists are posted in other buildings

  • Fluor Webb Challenge- THIS Tuesday, 7 pm in Lyon Center

    • Look for email from Helen with details

    • Try to come if possible to show support for Webb!!

    • Shouldn’t be more than an hour

    • Meet in lobby at 6:50 pm

    • Wear your Webb shirts!!

    • Diddy Reese cookies afterwards

  • Spirits at Troy- Tuesday Oct 30

    • Two shifts- 6-7:30 pm, 7:30-9 pm

      • See Helen for shift assignments

    • New/North unable to partner up with us anymore

    • $100 for pumpkin booth on our own from URSC- need as many pumpkins as possible

    • BG Funding- $25 for supplies (markers, paints, stickers)

      • Majority approves!!

      • Help Lillian get supplies

  • Money to be returned from Cirque du Soleil and Lazer Tag

  • Community Service Project

    • Clothing/food donations- drive instead of sandwich making

  • Progressive dinner??

    • Two weeks after Thanksgiving- pre Winter Break

    • Holiday themed?

    • Sunday, December 2nd

    • Committee- JJ, Shivani, Emily (host),

    • Make menus- each floor with theme

  • BG Member of the Month voting tonight

  • Christopher- Funding

    • $4 for American Gangster screening

    • use Christopher’s funding request on Webb website- NOT URSC funding website!

    • $75 for tailgate- Marcelo

      • Webb Tower Goes Duck hunting in Lounge next Saturday

      • Total Cost- $118

      • JJ- RA fund $20

      • $23 from BG- majority approves!

    • Pumpkin Party funding request from Emily

      • $70-80 Total: $20 from BG- majority approves!

      • 6 or 7 pm Tues, Oct 30

  • Meeting Attendance

    • 3 days ahead of time if you’re going to miss a meeting- that means FRIDAY!!

    • Studying is not an acceptable excuse for missing a meeting

    • Acceptable excuse- other mandatory meeting, family meeting

    • Unforeseeable events will be evaluated on a case-to-case basis

    • Try to be on time or early so we can get everything done

  • 8:30 next Sunday pre-BG Player’s Ball meeting

  • if you signed up for Pass the Can, make sure you email

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JJ!!!!!!!!!


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