Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Initial BG Meeting- 09/03

  • Brief introductions

  • Ice-breakers

    • Name Game

    • Me Too!

    • Brief intermission due to soda spill

    • Celebrity Game

      • Everyone is shocked that Trevor doesn’t know the names of The Beatles

  • The purchase of Webb t-shirts is encouraged in order to show building spirit

    • Give $10 to RA

  • BG meetings to be held in Lobby on Sundays at 8:45

    • Helen will send email reminders before the meetings with attached agendas

  • Brainstorm BG slogans for next meeting

  • General BG expectations

    • Regularly attend weekly meetings

    • Keep a positive attitude

    • Foster a friendly, open environment

    • Be considerate of others’ obligations by being timely and remaining on task

    • Use “I” statements, own your input instead of attacking others

    • Speak in turn, don’t interrupt

    • Commit to the projects you create/promote

  • Consider Roberts Rules of Order to govern meetings

  • Programming

    • BG has a $1200 budget per semester aside from additional sources of funding

    • Previous Webb Programming to consider

      • Progressive dinners

      • Sundaes on Sunday

      • Trojan Idol

      • Webb Wednesdays

    • Brainstorm additional programming ideas for next week

      • Movie night in the lounge

  • Helen is responsible for next week’s refreshments

  • New positions voted in:

    • Lauren- 11th/12th floor representative

    • Vishal- Sergeant of Arms

    • Hector- 3rd/4th floor representative

    • Susan- 9th/10th floor representative


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